We hired CID to design our new construction home. We had been working with an architect who did a good job drawing plans according to what we told him, but we grew frustrated because we realized that we didn't really know what we wanted. We needed a designer before we needed an architect. We found both in CID. Bruce really helped us figure out what it was that we wanted in a home and came up with a design that we really love. He was really fun and easy to work. He turned a frustrating experience into an enjoyable one so much so that we have recently asked him to help us with our landscape design as well.

cjfeldman, https://www.houzz.com/viewReview/606095/CONCEPTS-IN-DESIGN-INC--review

Engaged Concepts in Design to take a vision I had for a craftsman influenced remodel with a varied collection of elements and turn it into a balanced and harmonious practical solution. Enjoyed working with Bruce who has knowledge, experience and an appreciation for a wide variety of styles from classic to modern to make livable reality out of our aspirations.

medhursn, https://www.houzz.com/viewReview/574565/CONCEPTS-IN-DESIGN-INC--review

My husband and I have done many home remodeling projects over the years, and hiring and monitoring the work has rarely been a pleasant experience. We found that unless you have a lot of experience as a contractor, it is hard to know what to expect as far as costs, efficiency, and quality goes. We have hired in the past, contractors that act as if you have an unlimited budget, as they continue to re-evaluate the cost for the job. Some have made expensive errors, and refuse to take responsibility.
When we met with Bruce Pierce, we soon found out what we did not know about the best way to do a remodeling project. Bruce was a godsend for us, by acting like our remodeling guardian. After we met, and we understood his qualifications, and just what he could help us with, we were both relieved of worry.
He had terrific design ideas, and he never cuts corner when it comes to making our ideas work with the design and existing structure of your home. His team came up with the drawing and discussed them with our contractor. A big thing for this project was that Bruce had all of the bids come to him first for inspection, before anyone started the job. +++ 🙂
Bruce, himself has many years of hands on building experience and this helped a lot with building communication and trust with our contractor. The contractor and Bruce worked well as a team, and if any questions or concerns came up, all he had to do was give a call to Bruce with a quick response. This was a pleasant experience because we had a nice work flow going all the way through.
I could go on and on about how Bruce helped us create the home of our dreams, but it's best to just call him and let him explain to you all of the services he provides.
I will just say this, if we ever build a new home, or remodel again, I will not do it without Bruce at Designs In Concept. We have enjoyed our home so much, and there isn't one thing I can complain about.

lynnesews, https://www.houzz.com/viewReview/560155/CONCEPTS-IN-DESIGN-INC--review

I have worked with the Concepts in Design for several years on various projects. They have always been professional and timely. Pricing is very fair.
The designs are very creative and inspire many great compliments from our friends and clients as the see the various projects they have designed for us.
I highly recommend them for any job!

noltepa, https://www.houzz.com/viewReview/557991/CONCEPTS-IN-DESIGN-INC--review