We did a complete renovation of a late 1800's main street building in order to open up a pet store. Concepts In Design did all the design work for the outside as well as the interior of the pet store. They were fabulous to work with! Their design makes us unique to the industry and our building became a main street attraction!

dwolfe11111, Client

Bruce provided designs for the exterior of our home. We completely changed the entrance and added a very large outdoor patio/deck with bar, sink and cooking space. He listened to our ideas and understood our style. We would recommend his design services to anyone!

sandrastone, Client

Our Company first hired Bruce for landscaping and quickly after viewing his work, gave him the entire project for our manufacturing firm, which not only included the entire landscaping project (including parking lot layout etc), but also the building addition designs (inside and out) as well as the complete renovation of the interior. His firm also designed all the furniture and floor/wall coverings. He is one of the most out of the box, creative people I have ever worked with and understood our goal to design a corporate office design that would tie into our manufacturing plant. The efforts paid off, because the Metals Architectural Magazine awarded us Best Overall Design in 2002. Our project competed against projects with much larger architectural firms, bigger budgets and larger cities. The design still is fresh and on target 10 years later, which is a testament to the quality of the overall design theme he created.

bbuscher, Client