Faux Stone Siding

Faux stone has revolutionized exterior siding materials. What used to be brick and brick veneers is now often faux stone.  By utilizing this product, foundations do not need to be increased in size, and it can be applied to virtually any interior or exterior wall throughout the country. There is a broad range of styles,…
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Quartz Countertops

Kitchen Counters: Stunning, Easy-Care Engineered Quartz   More and more of our clients have requested information regarding quartz countertops versus granite countertops. Like a lot of new products, quartz countertop companies continue to expand their variety of design options. Quartz is becoming more popular with our clients than granite. Here's some examples of quartz countertops that we've…
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Wood Countertops

Wonderful Wood Countertops for Kitchen and Bath Chefs and butchers have used chopping blocks for years. Although seldom used in kitchens, it can be incorporated with the right scenario. Often cooks prefer to cut on wood rather than man made plastics. It gives kitchens, bars, and bathrooms a unique look. Here's some examples of wood…
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