Railings are an important architectural element that helps to define the overall design concept of a project. The materials used for railings and/or combination of materials is extensive. The code for guard rails and handrails has changed over the years and is different for residential and commercial. One needs to check with local building officials to what is allowed and not allowed when designing your railing.
Here's some examples of railings from projects we've designed.
Sierra Exif JPEG

Sierra Exif JPEG

0192681-R1-039-18 0192682-R1-011-4 DSC00002 DSC00013 DSC00024 DSC00030 DSC00064 DSC00066 DSC00071 DSC00074 DSC00091 DSC00099 DSC00107 (2) DSC00349 DSC00420 DSC05381 DSC05817

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